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Communication displays, presentation displays, advertising modules, store decor displays, counter top displays, floor displays, POS material….Drameco does them all.  Whether for purely functional needs, sales promotion, shop windows, or presentations, Drameco’s metal displays are the solution.

Drawing a little extra attention – Encouraging buyers – Catching the buyer’s eye – Boosting impulse purchases – Strengthening brand awareness and identity – Introducing a new product – Informing and instructing customers – Interacting with clients : taste this, touch it, try it out. All achievable with Drameco’s metal displays.We can tailor each display for every industry.

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Infinite possibilites with metl communicatioin displays

Drameco knows and understands the world of metal displays. Anything you can imagine, we’ve made it. From floor displays for spin-dryers and BBQs to counter displays for sweets, ice creams and eyewear. And from point-of -sale displays for watches or hand cream to communication displays for plant food, silicone kits, ski equipment, laminate samples and paint cans.

Drameco’s metal displays are perfect for effective presentations. Shop decor displays and communication displays to point-of-sale and advertising materials, counter displays and floor displays – all available at Drameco.

One stop shop for metal store displays

There are infinite possibilities to create the best shopping experience with metal displays. Displays can also be a combination of metal with other materials such as plastic, wood or cardboard and can have text boards or textile photo banners. We can design, produce and deliver complete displays, neatly packed with assemby instructions – ready for installation on site.

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Targeted metal displays

For example if you need to generate maximum sales as quickly as possible for cheaper consumer goods or food, consider a smart metal display for bulk presentation.

Or do you want to introduce a completely new product to your customers
?  Highlight a product? Present a demo to visitors to your showroom?  Inform interested clients in more detail? Consider a metal display with artwork, combined with plastic, wood or with a built-in LCD screen.

Are you a designer, decorator or advertising executive?  Looking for simple metal counter displays or prestige wall and floor displays?  For both small and large quantities, Drameco will be happy to work with you, using their in-depth knowledge and experience.

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